How many Calories Do i Burn In a day How to Calculate It And Increase It


When you’re deciding on your weight loss battle plan, you usually start with the first question being,  turmeric coq10 “How many calories do i burn in a day right now? If it’s a whole bunch, then I’m not going to work that hard. If it’s hardly anything to begin with, then I’m going to give up now while I still have some dignity. ”

Ok, so that’s more of a joke, but I’ll honestly attest that probably most people that attempt to lose weight, give up just that easily. They see where they are, they see where they want to be, and then they say “Screw it. ”

Well, you might be interested to learn that the number of calories that you’re burning each day right now may only require a very small adjustment to result in you losing as much weight as you choose.

And while there are quite a few equations, formulas, and online web applications that will help you to analytically discover your daily caloric burn, I’m going to show you a much simpler way to formulate this answer and how you can use this knowledge to improve your current fat loss efforts.

Calculating Your Daily Calories Burned Depends on Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

The beginning, middle, and end of this idea of burning calories throughout the day all has to do with your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Your BMR is the rate that determines how many calories you need in order to continue working your basic functions.

These basic functions constitute most of your vital bodily operations like breathing, sleeping, breaking down food, pumping your heart and blood, and even adjusting your internal temperature. That means everyone’s BMR is always working regardless of how fast they claim it is.

Realistically, most people’s BMR runs at about the same pace. Of course their are special cases that’ll break the bell curve like individuals who burn calories abnormally fast and it’s difficult for them to put on weight. (I’m very jealous of those people)

The opposite effect can also occur with strangely slow metabolisms, but for the most part, everyone is in the middle, running at nearly the same pace when you don’t take into account physical activity lifestyle levels. Your physical activities for the day are the other part of this calorie-burning equation.

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