Some fascinating hookah facts you would love to know

As it pertains to exciting and interesting smoking pastimes, hookah is probably one of the finest ones. For a few people, while it’s an unexpected treat which helps them relax and enjoy a good time, for others, it is really a daily pleasure.

Irrespective of how devoted you are to your best glass hookah, there are many interesting factual statements about the hookahwhich you didn’t know about. Want to find out? Continue reading!

The origins of hookah

Though there are certain theories surrounding the origins of hookah, there are 3 most widely used versions which are widely accepted and thought to be true.

  • Some American researchers found used pumpkin on Indian lands which were then regarded as employed for smoking! This then came into existence considered being an early version of the modern bongs.
  • Dating to the 14th C, a group of scientists found hashish pipes in Africa. They’re thought to be somewhat of a model and were considered the first versions of modern shisha.
  • Hookah smoking was used being an anesthetic by Persians, Indians and the other locals. The very first ones were full of the pain reducing narcotics.

Not having hookah was considered bad manners!

While smoking weed in a hookah is regarded as being cool, to truly have a great fun-filled experience, to truly have a gala time with friends today how to use a hookah, this wasn’t the case always. In the sooner days, as hookah were considered to become a mandatory element of sophisticated vast dinner parties, anyone refusing to smoke was taken to be disrespectful towards the host.

When women smoked hookah significantly more than men

During the 19th C, once the shishas became increasingly popular all all over the world, they came into existence associated and recognized mainly with women and not with men! Wondering about the reason why? Well, the preparations for smoking sessions utilizing a hookah took a fairly long time and men did not have so much time. Additionally, only those women who belonged to wealthy families could enjoy having a hookah in their spare time.

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