The Easter Message In Manifesting Ambitions.

This can be a timely message at Easter time because in I’m going to share about how to manifest your dreams in the context of what’s been holding us back from creating the planet most of us would truly like to see, and that has everything related to certain illusions we’ve been historically harboring which have been perpetuated primarily by religion.

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So, most of us have dreams, but most of us have no idea how to manifest them. Actually, manifesting our dreams begins on the inside, and most of us began dreaming whenever we were kids. Can you remember imagining yourself doing certain things, and the excitement you felt just considering those things? Had you had the opportunity to carry on dreaming with that sort of excitement, those dreams would have discovered their way into your lifetime because that is how things are created.

You see, you are a creator and when you command energy to serve you by imagining it, while at the same time feeling lots of passion in what you’re imagining, this causes energy to start taking shape based on your option to ensure that what was once merely a potential may now start to manifest as a reality. This sounds easy, and it really will be if it weren’t for the fact you tend to have a lot of emotional aspects within you which can be more dominate than your natural state of joy, and these aspects often bog down the ability of energy to attend meet your needs in the way you would prefer it to. Today in the New Energy, manifesting your dreams requires aspect integration first.

The question then becomes, what happened? If whenever we were kids we had dreams, and felt the joy of getting them be realized whenever we imagined them, what happened to those dreams and where did our joy go? The solution to these questions is found in the illusions we we’re taught whenever we we’re kids about being separate from the creator, being flawed at birth (what religion has calls being sinful) and about the need to be saved.

They’re what I call the core illusions which have caused the perpetuation of war and suffering, and have caused us to come back back to the planet again and again-because the reason we’re here is to consider who we’re, and so long as we continue to hang onto these illusions, passing them on to our children, we’re indirectly causing the thing that within our heart of hearts we’d love to eliminate from our lives along with this earth, namely, war and suffering-which occurs both inside ourselves and in the outer world. But from the beginning of history we became addicted to these illusions, or I will say, to the victim mentality and suffering they caused, and we’ve been clinging onto them ever since mesaje de paste crestine, felicitari si urari de paste. To genuinely fulfill your dreams, it’s time for you to let these go, in the event that you choose.

You may be wondering why, if we’re a creator, we’d have allowed ourselves to carry on like this for so long. That’s a great question and I could not have the ability to answer it in this short video in ways which will completely satisfy you, but I will at least offer some new insight you’ve probably never heard before which could allow you to at least make the required choices to obtain yourself from this predicament.

It’s not as if we haven’t made any effort at all to wake ourselves up throughout history, because we have. It’s just that these illusions are really seductive to ensure that despite certain attempts, they’ve remained ensconced within the fabric of our being. I’ll offer you an example of what I’m talking about.

2000 years ago Jesus came to instruct us who we’re, that people are in fact divine beings, and he came showing us what we’re all capable of doing. He knew he was divine and had no qualms about speaking his truth-even, as we know, at the danger of his life. But his words for the absolute most part fell on deaf ears because of our addiction to suffering and to being victims back then.

Still, he could plant a seed, and thanks to the Apostle Paul, that seed was eventually spread through the world. However, what Paul taught wasn’t what Jesus was about at all, and since Western Civilization has been built primarily on his distorted reasoning. His writings have been used again and again as samples of what the typical must be for more or less everything. But I do want to share something about Paul that no one has ever known as yet that will allow you to tremendously in understanding your overall predicament and the way you found myself in it. Therefore will inspire you to do whatever is necessary to obtain yourself from this predicament-once and for all.

When Paul was knocked off his horse in route to Damascus, as most of us know, he had an encounter with Jesus. What Paul never told anyone however, was that what Jesus showed him that day was that he too was divine, but he was carrying way too much pain and anger inside to just accept this. Growing up, he felt confined by the Judaic Law, which kept him from expressing himself in manners that have been forbidden, and he despised this. In essence then, he despised God, so much to ensure that as he got older, he was prepared to persecute and even murder Christians when he was carrying all that emotional stuff inside him.

The fact is, since the beginning of whenever we first created the idea of there even being fully a God, most of humanity has additionally despised God because again, we believed the creator existed outside us, and because we didn’t understand God, we feared this powerful force.

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